I am the mayor of my life

I am the mayor of my life

I get what I desire’        

As I just take what I want

Coz I'm not provided with what I admire

Sometimes it is difficult

But I don’t care, it’s my wish

Give it to me anyhow

As it is my favorite dish.

Well, this is how everyone thinks I am

Coz I show them this side of me

Nobody knows I don’t have anything

My life never sets me free!

My strength is my passion,

The love of my life

The music of my soul

The killer of my knife.

Yes, I am my mayor

But no one listens to me

I don’t get what I deserve

I'm not what I mean to be.

I'm sorry dear well-wishers

I can’t fake like you

I know how much u hate me

Well I’ll let u know that I hate u too!

I may be rude,

But never fake,

I might give u a smile

But never tear lakes

I'm real,

But this originality always gives me bad,

But remember my dear “well-wishers”

You are fake, so some day, u will be sad!

All of this drama,

Feels like I'm living in hell!

When u’ll face what I face today

I write it down to you, u’ll throw yourself into the well!

Is being real providing me with this loneliness?

Yes, I guess, as this planet’s real name is fakearth

Real people out here, are the fakest of all

I prefer the haters,

as they pretend and hate but dnt lie, well, that’s the right path!

So dear well-wishers,

show me your face

I wanna know what good you did to me

N how due to u my life increased its pace

Come show me what u did,

Don’t  u remember u are better than the fakers….

You are the best, aren’t u!

U helped me lose myself,

My dear well-wisher, my happiness taker!

But don’t u remember,

I'm my life’s mayor

Its for me to decide

Whether to die or survive till later

So better mind your own business

And let me live on my side!

As if u interfere again,

Well-wisher, u know me

I’ll do much of nothing

But u’ll still feel the pain,

Coz I’ll make u realize that u are fake

And will show you what it takes

To feel the pain I had felt

When u were never mine,

but my heart u stole away!

The End

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