I am the innovator

From a song that I love so much, just adapted it to my world.

I was the great innovator, struggling to understand
had the technical edge, but unable to meet demands
Today I am the master, but this knowledge must impart
I quickly rose to fame, but it’s now a shame
I'd be forced to beg in my declining years
If I don't know how to stop and start


I am the innovator, I got here by playing nice
Success I wanted so very badly, shortcuts so enticed
Oh how people taunted me, teasing me everyday
left nothing to chance, no life or romance
strained my neck , slaving for my paycheck
and crawl to work limping today.


I am the innovator, found solutions for the absurd
I deal in curly braces, whether its C# or even Perl
I found so many solutions, brought me all kinds of fame
my code did sell, the company did well
but its gone out of style, after a short while
and forgotten is my lowly name!


I was the innovator, wonder what went wrong
I still code solutions, but it takes twice as long

I don't make false pretenses, though I am so inclined
On my knees, pleading constantly
I have got to say, after much foreplay
that I can't figure out what's undefined!


I am the innovator, now at this final stage
things quickly upset me, I then go on rampage
I once was very clever, constantly discovering
I've gone old and truth be told
I broke my back learning this technology stack
but now just another has-been!


The End

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