I Am The DancerMature

Here, in me. Holdeth all keys. Unlocketh all doors.

Where one shuts, another opens anew.

I have not danced in ever

But now my halls are decked with my heel pounding away upon these boards

'Oh, what joy.' The sweat licks upon all surface, glazening the home with sickest honey.

My air guitar bursts the drums of a sea, invisible fangirls bled from ears and eyes in a unholy imaginary worship.

I think... the preference holds stronger here. In this clusterfuck of nothing-noise. This, holding me, instead of your arms.

Cold tendrils now, nothing but. Nothing but brain freeze, my thoughts locked in time that only the demon owns shares in.

I've broken free of the ice, sliding out into the blistering heat, knelt in a guise.

The world makes it's sense again, to play a different path, for me to dance down a different trap this time.

For the mistakes maketh thee, model me and sculpt anew.

So I'll be ready to fall to the cold entrapment again, when the time comes that the knife cease twisting.


The End

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