I- am that is.

I am here to comfort

you when you are sad

I am here to dry

your tears when you cry.

I am here to hold you

when you are lost and lonely.

  I - am that is.

I am your brother,

here to protect you.

I am your friend,

to go wherever you go.

I am your mentor,

here to give you wisdom.

 I - am that is.

I saw you when you cried,

And I was there to comfort you.

I saw you be shunned by others,

And was there to stand at your side.

I saw you cower in the Dark,

And I chased away your fears.

 I - am that is.

I may have wronged you at times,

even denied you your joy.

But you did the same to me.

Yet, in the end, when you look up to see

A familiar face, I'll be there.

And when you seek comfort and joy,

Shelter and protection.

I'll be here with open arms to welcome you.

I will always be here for you.

  For I - Am That Is.

The End

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