I am That

In the empire of the spirit, India, sages chased 'That, knowing which nothing else remains to be known' and concluded saying "Aham Tat"

In the first of dawns, I saw thee

Thy blazing chariot raced past the faint horizon

The blue expanse glistened to thy glory

Conquering the devouring pitch dark demon.


At eventide, God! Thou unveiled thy richness

A deep blue canopy studded with diamonds

Roofed thee, stripping us mortals

Revealing our nakedness, mocking our nothingness.


And thy wrath that rumbled in the misty sky

It flashed and speared, and drew forth floods

Trembling with fear the earth did lay

A spread of green, of life and Bligh.


Diverse were thy forms, everything set into a tune

Which I could understand little, and could only

Look at it with awe, and humbly venerate thee

But who art Thou that I venerate?

“Even the gods are later to this world’s production”

Even I am set to that tune; I feel I create that tune

Who art thou with whom I long to commune?

The creation danced because I thought it to

It’s perfection, a manifestation of my intelligence

And deep down under, It’s I who created thee

Verily, that I, that pure I on which I thrust the needless

That I art Thou, Yes, That I art thou

Chanting it, I’m dipped in bliss, my heart’s full of glee

I am That

I am That

I am That







The End

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