I am stupid

I am tired
of long nights without goodbyes
and of half smiles in the moonlight.
It's burning water on freezing hands
when I utter a real thought
(real, from my very own head)
and you process it. You appreciate it.
You're like little lights on a very high ceiling
I suppose you could say you're like the stars
but that would be cliché
and that's not you.
You are different. I'm not going to hide it.
You're weird, and even when the sun runs out of
fuel, even when it's white and cold and 
completely burnt out and dead,
I know you will still be alive.
Because once you told me that you'd walk
on the sun. And it was stupid, and naive
and ridiculous in every sense of the word
but I believed you.
Because that's who you are.
So, back to the point:
I am tired. I'm tired of chewing my lip and
tapping my pen and wanting you so bad,
of your voice in my ear at 2am when you're
not even really there. 
I'll watch the sun die and I'll watch the world end,
I'll watch galaxies smash together and I'll even
watch as the universe fades into a hopeless
dead ocean of protons
but I won't watch you fade away. Never again.

The End

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