I am page 492


Like gum

Flattened...between too many shoes.


By societal structure...

Between here and there,

right and wrong. 

To the left;

mindless cruelty.

Games with no winners,

Fervid sex...Wild sex.

Spinning colours with languid shapes,

Too much laughter...Too many rules...

Too many beautiful people...

With no escape.

 A million different pills, All dissolving on my tongue.

Taste just as terrible as the green liquid

Always poured down my throat.

Headaches through the morning

Burning the back of my throat till dinner time.

More. More. More.

Bruises burried deep in the scars, early wrinkles,

Behind red stoned irises.

Fast food at five in the morning,

Pizza from under the couch,

Stomach twisted in knots tied so tight, it cannot even be felt.

Blurry edges, Feeling around in the dark,

Groping for understanding;

Where've you been for the last six months?

Hurt for too long to understand real love...

What does it take to get out? 

And then the right.

The sweet tasting, Everlasting Right. T

he beating heart, Drumming fast,

Every moment built to last.

Pixels meaningful,

Intense, Precise, Memorable.

Smiles that are remembered;

Names that come easily into view.

What is it about you?

That old soul, Ancient understanding,

Calmness, in calamity.

Head clear, Mind tidy,

...Fresh air... 

Yesturday I took my first breath.

Cool air, That tasted like the sea.

Wind that stung like ice;

But felt so warm inside of me. 

Now I'm stuck

.Like the reaching starfish, purple and prickley under water.

Stuck. Page 492 in the dictionary,

Too surrounded to leave,


And now that I've taken my first gasp,

I need to breathe...  

The End

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