i am not pretty, petty, i am merciless

you must understand, 
i am not petty. 

people like me, 
we twist words to suit our purpose, 
double your own arguments against you
until you are left sputtering
down the barrel of your father's gun

bang goes the shot
ticking time bomb of emotional baggage
be careful who you insult
be careful who you laugh at

because sometimes,
we can fight back

and oh, dear me, 
i guess you weren't expecting to find this,
stout teen with their hair in a bun, 
barking phrases at you with an angry mouth

if you dismiss me, 
i assure you i will not
take to it kindly

i could rip you apart if i wanted. 
exploit all those little sore spots
i've noted through all these years

just poke at the chinks in your armour
i know where they are, 
you're not exactly great at hiding things

more bang for your buck,
little girl abandoned by daddy, 
but he's still paying for uni, right?

don't play that game with me,
you're a bully 
who doesn't play well with others

when i was ten, 
my sister called a girl a b-tch 
because she terrorized me

i could knock you flat these days. 
i am nothing to mock,
see me roar, see my fear

i grimace at a good hand of cards,
smile at a bad one

after all, it's not like you could tell
when i'm lying and when i'm not, 
so the trickery's just amusing

sarcasm, they tell me,
intelligence, they tell me, 
talent, they tell me

but none of them mentions
ferocity, fury, drive, 
i am this way for a reason

i will tear you apart
with only my teeth, 
and you would be helpless. 

i want to implode the world 
watch it burn
soak in the blood and chaos

but i won't. 
be thankful. 

The End

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