What am I supposed to think when you say you are

30% Swedish

10% Irish

2% German

63% Czech

8% Danish

1% Polish

and when you are curious about the origin of my squinty eyes

the only way you can think of to ask is "Are you Chinese?"

Your percentages don't even add up.

So, as a white person, you are this beautiful racial collage and-

oh wait!

You can't forget 0.3% Native American, because of course you're not really white.

So, as a "white" person, disregarding your Native American heritage, you are this beautiful racial collage and

as an Asian person, the only thing I am allowed to be is Chinese

and when I say


I'm Korean,"

you feel the need to ask 

1. What's Korea?

2. Do you speak Korean?

3. Oh, aren't they the communists?

The terrible thing is that when you ask me what "I am," it sounds normal to my ears.

If I asked "What are you?"

you would raise an eyebrow in confusion. What kind of a question is that?

"Human," you reply with a puzzled laugh.

If only I could answer "human" and you would be satisfied with my answer.

The End

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