Harkening back to my Marxist days

Just complaining about banks and big business

You think you can buy me?

As I buy your products

that were advertised

everywhere I go?

I just wanted to listen

to free music

and you keep pushing

Ads about clothes

that don't even fit or match me.

You think that I don't know,

how you invade my mind

with silly messages

that ultimately,

just makes me crave

your sickening products

produced in God knows where?

You think you can corner me?

And my ego

In the sea of memes

that tries everyday

to swallow my solitude

my very Being?

Well, I know too much,

I know your little conspiracies

that are so over the top

that it's boring.

You can have my identity

that I present to World.

But you won't ever know

What I know


What I feel


Who I am.

So stop trying so hard

because at the end of the day.

I won't buy your products

that I don't need.

The End

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