I am Music

A verse to myself from myself. Breaking free of self esteem and image issues.

I am music, I am melody

The pulse of the world depends solely on me

I am the beat of each heart and the rhythm you seek

I am music, I am technique


I am music, I am song

I am the exposition that makes you sing along

You can praise to my hymn if your kung fu is strong

I am music, I won’t lead you wrong


I am music, I am harmony

My meter has meter, my range is unique

My love is that jazz, so smooth and so sweet

I am music, I am elite


I am music, I am profound

I dance on the breeze when the wind is unbound

If your thoughts are a penny, than mine are a pound

I am music, I will resound


I am music, I am risqué

Too much of a fighter to be a cliché

Life is the swan song to which I sway

I am music, hear me play

The End

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