I am Me

I am me..I may not always be patient but I am open and accepting. I forgive and forgive and try to understand motives but don't go into understanding to far. Some things just aren't meant to be analyzed that deep. I am me..if this isn't real then I don't know what real is..but it's reality to me. 

I am kind..I don't anger easy..I try to think before I speak but sometimes I too am weak. I keep in mind moments in the past, but don't live alone there...I keep my mind in the present...try my best to set aside time for contemplating the future...but most of the focus I am trying to keep on the now. 

I grow every day...I am inspired in so many ways. I feel like I am still only half of me...because if I have grown this much and I am still growing..there is so much still left..so much still left undone...I don't think I will be all of me till the end..but I think I am the all of me of now. I am all I can be...I am gonna be who I want to be..no restraints...done with rules..useless obligation..it's my mind my life..my train to wreck..and your choice to ride. 

Some will stand beside me through thick and thin..some think they stand above me..but life is not a game to win. I see no one below...I only see flawed perceptions...we all stand alone..but together we stand. Together we fall, together we catch...there is no fence..there is no line..no path..no time..just moments..just thin air. Accepting what I can't control..changing with the moment...I don't think we could ever be who we were yesterday...but we always see through the same two eyes. 

The End

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