I am Me

I am the shadow  behind a waterfall. 

I am the whisper  in the breeze. 

I am the breath  before a kiss. 

I am the pain after you are hit. 

I am the tears  streaming down your cheeks. 

I am the promise you forgot to keep. 

I am the past you can't erase. 

I am the goodbyes you never say. 

I am the rain drops pouring from the sky. 

I am holding your hand the day you die. 

I am the air you breathe. 

I am the image in the mirror. 

I am your greatest fear. 

I am the love song never sung. 

I am the battle never won. 

I am the broken photograph. 

I am the moments that never last. 

I am the ashes of a burnt out fire. 

I am the child neglected in a corner. 

I am the smile on your face when you are dreaming at night. 

I am the good fight. 

I am everything you do, everything you see. 

And though you may not remember me, 

you will never forget all I am

The End

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