I am Leaving

To those who want me to remain: I have to go follow my dreams. Graduation was step one. Now, it's time I really started going after what I've longed for all these years. I'm sorry, but it's what I have to do.

I am leaving.

And that is the sad truth of what I am doing.
I could call it a coming of age,
or the pursuit of happiness,
but nothing will change the fact that

I am leaving.

So many friends I have to leave behind
so that my fragile dreams can be realized.
All of this sadness, just because my journey
is leading me down a new road.

I am leaving...

for my sake, and solely my sake.
Because the only one who is remotely satisfied with my decision
is myself.
And even then,
that short breath of pride is shattered due to the fact that

I am leaving.

"It is not a career," my mother has told me.
Tell me then, if the ones that matter find my aspirations
to be fruitless, why am I still chasing them?
I'm causing more heartbreak than joy,
all because

I am leaving.

My dreams are addictive.
I yearn for them like some vile drug
that might slowly tear my insides
as I inch closer and closer to them.
Because of them,

I am leaving.

I am leaving to hurt my family,
to hurt my friends,
and maybe even myself.
But if that is the cost of pursuing my dreams...

So be it. I will leave.

The End

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