I am just a girl

I was trying to explain how it is to be a girl because sometimes it feels like people just don't get us.

I am just a girl I get moody

I cry with no reason I get mad

when it is not necessary I want to

be alone when times get tough.


I can be silly maybe a little

crazy sometimes that's the times

that i just want to cut loose and

let all my troubles go for a few seconds


I love chocolate and I love it when

you buy me flowers when I am down

I love it when you just kiss me on the

forehead and say everything is going to

be alright even if you know that times are

tough and hard and then you just hold

me and you don't let go


But the best of all I love it when you

just look at me and get a smile on your

face and say I love you baby and you

are the best thing that ever happened to


The End

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