I am from the things that made me who I am.

This is just an "I am from" poem about my life.

I am from a baby room full of Winnie the Pooh

And staying by my sisters side

From a mother’s heartfelt cries as she watches her children are taken away from her

To a father that only cared about his pride and joy

Who thought the other was nothing but a burden


I am from everlasting, fiery summer days

As the silence screams like a banshee

Being left with only an elder sister

And being the one to know everything


I am from despised school nights

From wanting to never leave school again

To crying over unclean dishes

Watching blood stream down a shaken wrist


I am from a savoir

An angel taking the broken under it’s wings

From nights of seemingly impossible recovery

Of fear and pain


I am from better days

From true happiness and forgotten pain

To when we could shine brighter than the sun

When the only worry was what to do

Days of non-stop laughing


I am from both good days and bad ones

From learning how to embrace life the way it needs to

Seeing how the rays of light stream through the darkness

Being warmed by solar lights.

From being warmed by the rays of a sun called love

To showing others that darkness doesn’t consume light


I am from a mission to shine light on every world out in the sky


The End

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