i am fine

I never dreamed of what people say you’re supposed to as a little girl. So it’s no surprise to me I am not where society thinks I should be.

But, I’ve lived... oh yes I have done a lot of living; I've travelled, I’ve worked, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed a lot, I’ve danced in the rain on a street in London and not cared you saw.

 Oh and I’ve loved. I’ve loved hard and deep and felt feelings I never that were human nor should they be felt by one, but I have loved, & gratefully so. I’ve lost, i’ve gained, I’ve found, I’ve let go, I’ve left go I’ve let YOU go........


I’ve established that I am not a child’s dream nor am I anyone else’s social expectation. I am me in the most casual way to you but in the most profound way to my soul and its free.

 So I am untied and unbroken and without your dreams but creating my own, which is simple and perfect and mine alone to share if I see fit & I’m fine.

I’m Fine, I’m fine.

The End

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