i am Deaf.

This is a poetry i found on youtube that highly inspired me because i am deaf and it remind me who i am.

i just want to spread this message and share it. :)


I was born to be Deaf
You were born to be Hearing
Everyone was born to be Human
We are all human, we have a different
Personality, looks and we still are human

I Am Deaf but I am no different from you
I have eyes like you
I have mouth like you
I have Hands like you
And I am proud to be deaf

When they try talk to me
When it went wrong
They never try again
We might be deaf but we dont bite

You can hear and I cannot
It will not bring me down
You will not bring me down
Because we can do it

When you put us down
We will stand up
We will shout that we can do it
If you can do it then we can do it
Everyone have strength and weakness

Every one is different
Every one is human
Nobody is perfect
Every day we make mistake and you do too
Every day we learn, we change, we move forward

We have feeling
We felt left out
We felt love
We felt angry
We felt joy
We felt what you felt

I am Deaf
I am not shamed
I am Proud
We are proud to be deaf
Nothing will bring us down

The End

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