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I am an atheist.

I am an atheist because

nature is amazing enough that a spiritual realm is not necessary and

scientific facts are so beautiful and

I like to keep myself grounded in truth and

maybe I just don't have a great imagination but

too much mystery can bother me and

the idea that we are just here and that there is no greater power excites me and

science excites me and

evolution excites me and

the thought of a god just doesn't excite me and

maybe I'm a little too boring but

I like the concept that no one but me has control over my life and

I don't really like tradition and

I don't really like routine either and

I don't really athatlike the idea that you go somewhere after you die because 

I prefer the idea that after you die you are simply dead and

I don't think spirits will live forever because

we tend to hold human lives higher than they deserve to be held because

I think human lives are actually quite futile but

we can still try to be happy so

that's why I'm an atheist

and maybe there is a spiritual realm and maybe I'm too closed-minded but

I feel comfortable in the arms of science.

The End

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