I Am A Poet

This is a modification of a poem I wrote sometime last year. I lengthened it and fixed what seemed to be wrong with it. I generally made it better, in my opinion.

I am an artist,

But my work is not in paint.

Not in marker,

Or charcoal,

Or crayon.

Not in pastels,

Or in watercolors.

My work is not drawn at all.

My art is not of clay,

Or metal,

Or even humans,

Though it is, 


Of human nature.

My work is not made

With a camera.

Nor is it photographed.

My name is not known,

And it might never be.

People might never know

Who I am.

And who am I, you ask?

Well, I, my friend.

I am an artist.

But more importantly,


Am a poet.

The End

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