i am a floating bowtie

i am a sunflower, sung to life by the stars of barnyard musicians 

careening into a soaking wet overworld;

a stomping foot on the wooden floor of the shared loft between beauty and insecurity;

a cream colored dress with a blue sash, burned up with the smoking ashes of mental instability;

i am a space cowboy;

i am a human blanket;

i am a cellphone number;

i am a floating bowtie


i am a pen, running out of ink, writing words for only the eyes of the people who havw non

Dear Keep




teach me to swing dance beside a burning man with screaming hip-hop music music attacking your face from the metal mesh screen;

i am calloused fingertips

i am an invisible frog

i am a cellist's ponytail

i am a floating bowtie

I Am The Formal Attire In The Back Of The Room

I Am A Floating Bowtie

The End

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