I am

This is a poem I wrote a while back. I hope you will enjoy the dark mood I tried to produce here :D

I am what drives them

What makes them do what they do

I make them cause pain and suffering

The suffering breeds anger

Anger is what drives me


I am a disease

You can remove those whom I infect

But you cannot destroy the disease

I will remain

I will continue to spread


I am a horror

Those who don’t fear me fall pray to me

Those who fear me loose themselves to avoiding me

Those who don’t know me will learn to see me

Those who experienced me are scarred by me


I am inevitable

You cannot avoid me

You cannot stop me

You cannot postpone me

You cannot defeat me


I am the darkness

I cloud judgements

I cover up the sense of mercy

I cover the humanity

I coat love with the most exquisite poison


I am you

I am everyone

I am no one

I am the true evil inside all humans

I cannot be stopped

The End

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