I am

I’m scared.

I’m alone.

I’m hurt.

I’m broken.

I’m weak.

I’m pathetic.

Scared and Alone

Hurt and Broken.

Weak and Pathetic.

In a World filled with Nothing but Pain,

It’s good to know Who and What you are.

Scared, Alone

Hurt, Broken

Weak, Pathetic

Unheard Screams

Unchecked Tears

Unending Pain

Silent sobs heard by No One.

Sorrow so deep.

Spent Anger

No Hatred to give

The blood spreads like Body Paint

The Pain spreads like Wild Fire.

A Fire burning everything but the Memories

Until all the remains are Visions of every Touch and Kiss

Until there’s nothing left but the Pain

Pain that rots me away until I’m Nothing

Just a Crumpled up ball in the Floor

The End

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