I Am

About who i am. We also had to do this for class one day.

I am from the books, big and small,

From the paper and pen.

I am from the stories of old and the ones that haven’t happened yet,

I am from the written parchment and the quill feather,

Penning my mind on page.

I am from the piles of paperbacks and  hardcovers,

From the dusty old and freshly new.

I am from the white walls with the cool stencil design,

From the slanted roof protecting my treasure trove of books and stories.

I am from the city streets,

From country roads.

I am from the green grass,

From grey sidewalk.

I am from the rolling hills,

From tall buildings,

For each I call my home.

I am from the cat and dog,

From the paws and claws.

I am from the King and Queen,

From the rulers of our palace home.

I am from the non-religion,

From the belief anyway.

I am from the family gatherings for the holidays.,

From the small get together birthdays.

I am from mom’s pumpkin pie and grandpa’s salt potatoes.

From my step-dad’s loving care and my army of siblings always there.

I am from loud and proud,

From yelling and shouting.

I am from family both big and small,

One adoptive, one biological

I am from Cortland, New York,

From Cincinnatus, New York.

I am from all over the world,

From blood long forgotten.

I am from the nieces and nephews,

From the brothers and sisters,

I am from the aunts and uncles,

From the cousins and grandparents.

I am from the step-family and the original,

From the I don’t care because they love me.

I am from the big wide web,

From a network of family that loves and supports me.

I am from the heart and soul,

From the broken dreams and new ones.

I am from the handmade quilt,

That will warm me all my life.



The End

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