I Am

This is a project I did for school. It's called an "I Am" poem and I liked it so much, I decided to see if you all would. PLZ RATE AND COMMENT!

I am a zany musician

I wonder what sounds would look like if we could see them...

I hear a haunting melody

I see bright lights shining off a microphone

I want to show who I am with my music

I am a zany musician 

I pretend I'm flying as I dart around stars that shine like diamonds

I feel the rough strings of my guitar gliding beneath my fingers.

I touch the smooth keys of a piano

I worry that not enough people appreciate music the way they should

I cry in frustration when I can't help my friends

I am a zany musician 

I understand life isn't always fair

I say if I could say what I had to say in words, I wouldn't bother trying to say it in music.

I dream of rain falling around me as I sit in a forest clearing

I try to make people see the real me

I hope they will

I am a zany musician 

The End

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