I AMMature


My life it started innocently

forming snugly in my mothers womb

My death came upon me suddenly

with a switch of a doctors vacuum.

The end you say? not quite my friend

it was just the beginning for me

a daughter, no, and not a son

I had become a memory.

I visit my mother from time to time

she knows im not far away

she took the life i was to live

but as a memory, im here to stay.

My intended first birthday was my favorite visit

for it fell on the first of July

i came back as a flash and suprised her

it was a joy to watch her cry.

At Christmas time id always show up

while she played with her nefews and neices

theyd back away and run to thier mothers

when i made mine go to pieces.

im cruel, you say? you may be right

but dont put the blame on me

if it werent for her, id be a child

not a haunting memory.

Besides, ive never left her side

and i probably never will

im with her daily at the institute

.........until she takes her pill.


The End

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