I Ain't Holding My Breath

Why are you so confused
when the answer is clear
I ain’t got no one to hold me
when I come crashing down

I see your other half
you can never be whole
Then again, it makes sense
when I drink to lose my mind

Nothing has changed
Everything seems different
I feel estranged
Next to you, my god-sent
I ain’t holding my breath
For anything to happen

It’s the same everyday
When I am asking questions
That I don’t want you to answer
Does that make me selfish?

I tell my friends it’s for real
and they all roll their eyes
Foolish me, thinking I could be happy
I guess that’s where the humour comes from

You remind me of a time
when I’d stay indoors
Listening to the songs of old
Waiting for anyone,
who wouldn’t give me the time of day

The End

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