I - am that knows.

Look to the Cosmos,

To see my Scepter bright.

Between the Northern Star,

And the Southern Scar.

I - am that knows.

Look not unto Death,

But Life in ev'ry Breath.

See the beat of Life

Within every Strife.

I - am that knows.

Upon Stone, writ not,

But upon Leaves to jot.

Writ by pen and ink,

And not that which shall sink.

I - am that knows.

Be my Sword that wields for me,

Twice, in Two people of thee.

I - am that knows.

Written with Tears,

Of  Sorrows long past.

To bring Wisdom,

To those who come at last.

My Sword long hidden,

Found only in the Trail of Time.

Emotions and Thoughts,

Tears and Jots..

Caught  within the lines,

of Life and Death.

Truth and Lie.

I - am that knows.


The End

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