Hypnosis and Suggestion

Exploring the concept of hypnosis through a sceptic's POV.

This can be very fragile, very fragile indeed. With hypnosis, there is a responsibility. Before we start I want to tell you that hypnosis is a load of rubbish. It is! Don’t give me that funny look. It is all down to suggestibility. Let me explain:In the 1960s an experiment was held and its results were staggering. Normal members of the public were asked to take part in an experiment dubbed “Teaching and Punishment”. They were told that they were teachers and had to administer electric shocks to another person if they gave the wrong answer. The normal member of public is put into a separate room and placed in front of a generator. The person answered the questions all wrong and the “teacher” was told to administer shocks by a scientist in a white coat. They administered shocks up to a lethal voltage because they were told so by the authoritative figure.What does this mean? When told to believe something and do it, they did. This also applies to hypnosis. When you dub someone as a hypnotist, the audience member believes they have an actual talent and they can hypnotise someone. Something happens because the audience member believes something will happen. Hypnosis is a sort of play-acting. The Technique
Every hypnotist has their own technique. Since you’re a beginner, I would recommend you follow mine. I shall dictate this to you step-by-step.Putting them into a trance
  • You must make sure that your subject, we shall call them that, is completely open-minded to the idea of hypnotism. It can work with people who are a bit sceptic as it has done for me but I had to create a profile for myself and showed it works on another. Ask them to sit on a chair provided.

  • You then tell them to tense up all their muscles to the maximum they can do, even if it hurts. Leave it for a few seconds. Then tell them to relax. When they relax, tell them to remember that feeling. Repeat a couple of times.

  • You then tell them to close their eyes and say something along these lines:

As I talk to you, each word and syllable I say, you will start to feel relaxed and calm. You are safe and you know it. Each sound you hear, it will start to make you feel drowsy. Your body will start to feel heavy and you will feel like you are sinking into the seat. You feel calm and relaxed, you will start going into a trance.
  • “Now imagine a stairway. It can be familiar to you, it could be yours. The carpet will be fluffy and quite nice to feel. You are at the top of the stairs. When I count from 1-10, you are steadily going to go down these stairs. When you do, you will go deeper into a trance. You will become unconscious to the world and will only hear my voice. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

  •  You are now in a trance. There is a door and I want you to go through it. It leads to a garden. Once again, it can be familiar to you. But everything is just perfect. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything is just fantastic. Absorb everything around you like the smell of the flowers or the nice, warming shine of the sun. Nothing can harm you and everything is relaxing.

  • Now, this can go anywhere:

Curing a PhobiaMove from the garden now to the back of it and there is a door. Open it and go through it. It leads to an old cinema. You are the only one there, you are all alone. You sit at the back. The screen is in black-and-white and there is no sound at all. The screen flickers on with 5 4 3 2 1. It shows the first time or any time you have encountered your phobia. It scares you and runs through. It then stays on the last frame.You now float to the screen and go up to your younger self on the screen. I want you to shake their hand and congratulate them on encountering that fear; they have done well. The cinema changes. The colour has returned and it is packed with family and friends. The sound has returned also. Everything is bright and colourful. The film rewinds and starts again. This time everyone is happy and laughing. You feel happy.The next time you encounter this fear, you will feel that warm, glowing feeling. You will be safe and fine.Forgetting their nameThey are back in the garden. Tell them to lie on the grass and feel relaxed. They feel calm. Tell them when they wake up, they will forget their name. It will be on the tip of their tongue, the back of your mind. It will be annoying but you just quite can’t remember it. Each time you do try, you will forget it even more. I will ask you questions like “What’s your name?” “What are you called?” but you won’t remember. Only when I tell you your name, you will remember.Sticking to the SeatThey are back in the garden. Tell them to lie on the grass and feel relaxed. They feel calm. When they wake up, they will stick to their seat. Your whole body will feel too heavy. Each time you try to get up, you will be glued down even more to the seat. The feeling will intensify. You will be completely stuck. The only time you will be released is when I click my fingers.Making them Drunk without AlcoholLie on the grass. At the side of you is a drink. It is either cider or beer, or an alcoholic drink of your choice. Pick it up and take a sip. Feel the liquid run down your mouth and slowly down your throat. Feel the process of the drink running down your body. Each time you take a sip, the feeling is unbelievable. You drink and drink and drink. You start to feel the effects of the alcohol and when you awake, you will feel inebriated because of the drink. Each second you are awake, you will feel drunk and light-headed. Only when I click my fingers, the feeling will stop.Shock Hypnosis and Time TravelThis is quite different than the other methods because of the way you knock the subject into a trance. This is a hypnosis script to use:(You welcome the subject on-stage by shaking their hand)(You then command “Sleep” and move their hand to be over their face. This will shock them and knock them into trance. You then use the calming method stated previously)(Lift their hand in which you shook upwards and state :)In your own time, you will feel your hand starting to move down and when that happens, you will fall further and further into a trance.(When their hand has lowered, say this :) Imagine now that you are in a hotel corridor. You are facing forwards and it seems that the corridor is never-ending. You look to left and there is a door. Its number is 2010. That is this year and each door is a year in time. All of a sudden, you feel like a force is pushing you backwards and you let it take you. It keeps pulling you back. You look at the room numbers and they keep changing from 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007; you are travelling backwards in time. You feel it build up a momentum now; like a G-Force. You can see the décor of the corridor change as you pass through the 80s, 70s. It is now blurred and you stop. You look at the door and it reads 1827. You open it and go through. It leads to Union Road, Oswaldtwistle; just outside the Civic Theatre but it is not there because it is not built yet. Tell me what you see. Is it winter perhaps? (You then lead them into talking about their surroundings and even try to get them to go into buildings. If we are allowed, manipulate them into talking about Private Thomas Markham.Taking them out of the TranceAfter having all your fun, it is time to take them out of the trance. Instruct them to leave the garden and go back to the foot of the stairs. Tell then when you count from 1-10, they will walk up the stairs and they will be lifted out of the trance. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. They are out of the trance.Watch the effects of the hypnotism and examine them. Should be funny! Make sure you reassure them that they are definitely lifted out of the trance. They are fully out of the trance. Thank them for their participation.I want you to finish the act, lead them back to their seat and wait for me onstage. I will explain the reason behind hypnotism etc.; there’s a good chap!
The End

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