Everything out.

Voices coil, every word seems so unreal,
I break the threshold with a demented obedience,
I'm tired of all the silly games,
The words I've used that I'll no doubt use again,
I'm tired of this fiction,

Strange words twisting cacophonic into broken bones,
I've voiced my reason, I've sensed my treason,
So what friends are friends, we'll drink to that,
We'll tear into my husk with these skeletal fingers.

I've tired of this fiction,
and every word seems so unreal.
Every act, just an act, every song, just a song...
Every story so much staler than the last.

I feel the drops of rain crash lymphatic across my damp face,
They feel real, but so cold that it could easily be fake.

I'm tired of this fiction,
I'm tired of this world.

The End

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