Poem about a child being murder and finding peace in the afterlife. Note I don't believe in the afterlife, it's just for this poem. I wrote this obviously against child abuse, alcoholism, but I also wanted to show in a extreme situation what happens in abusive homes.

Hush child close your eyes, feign you cannot hear, the moaning wood, the labored breath, of daddy coming near

Hush child, close your eyes, muffle out your fear, lie quietly against your bed, wipe the meandering tear

Sleep child; block him out, his lips brush against your ear, go to the land of cloudless skies and waters crystal clear

Dream child, squeeze shut your eyes, disregard the stench of beer, search for the light, that tiny, shining for you my dear

Hide child, hide your wounds, they’ll only make him sneer, hold fast your strength, bit your trembling lip; it’s true, the end is near

Know child you’re not at fault, you heart is pure, divine, this is all wrong, all wrong I say, this isn’t your time

Clench child, your chattering teeth even as the bitter cold metal kisses your skin

Don’t weep child, for in the end you win

Ignore the loaded gun and your father’s pending sin

Rest child let your soul be peaceful, and say goodbye to this wretched world

This trigger is pull, the bullet bites into your skin, your beating heart ceases to move and he’s runs out of the room

In the morning he’’ be weeping, in the morning you’ll be sleeping

Doubt not child the value of your life, you were the brightest star to ever grace the night

Fly child, higher than a kite go post the lofty clouds, leap into the light

Rise child, come into my arms

The worst is done, now you’re out of harm

You are loved, little one, now you’re here to stay, no more clouds of grey

He has gone, you’re safe here

No more tears, no more fear

Hush child, no need to cry

Your memory won’t die, and as time goes by, you’ll come to know

Even though that life is done a new one has begun

Now you’re here, amongst true friends, under a rising sun

The End

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