This is a poem about comparing your partner to your previous...

Hush my little baby,
Don't you cry.
The snow has settled for good now,
Outside in the eventide.
How I wish the clouds were made of cotton,
And my itching past was forgotton.
But we both can't bare the sound and pain,
Or the mention of my former's name.

So hush little baby,
Take my apology.
The act of comparing is inevitable,
This plea is soley from me.
How I wish he possessed more imperfections,
And you were the one with all the perfections.
But inside I know I'll always look back,
My suitcase for him still isn't unpacked.

Hush now,
Go to sleep.
I'll hide my tears,
As I sit here and weep.

I'm sorry,
I loved him more.

The End

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