Road to discovery

This is just the beginning. I have not had the chance to write a creative piece for 12 years now. I have not even had a chance to read a book. Starved

Hello you, have you had a good day?

Scared a little, elated as well

Flight or fight emotions

Sweating and sweet talking

Forever moving forever standing


Itchy feet and sky high

Ambitions to carry you forward

So alike you and I

My heart, your work

My work, your love


My heart misses a beat

Every two seconds

There you are toiling,

beating your chest

Here I am you say, this is me

I have left behind my heart, my home

The familiar cracks and babies’ squeals


Do your best my darling

Move a little further for your dreams

I want you to be happy, fulfilled

Even as I miss our skin to skin

Keep us in your heart ok?

Send us messages on the wind

Miss you like crazy

Love you, adore you like crazy

Finish up strong and come back forever

Like a scar is forever

Like a prayer is forever

Like our love is forever

Like this knot is forever

The End

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