Hurts More To Us

For those who's have to suffer to listen to their parents argue all the time. It hurts us more than it hurts them. Sometimes I wonder if I never existed, they wouldn't be arguing... It's a long true story. The poem may not be so good, but I just want to put up my point of how much it makes me sad.

My parents always bicker,

While I sit there and shiver.

I know,

It’s my fault though.


My mother was a widow,

My father and a lonely shadow…

Soon to get a divorce,

But soon found the source.


A child! A child!

Everything soon became wild.

No divorce you see,

Because then my mother will plea

I rock in my cradle all sleepy and sound,

While my parents fought round to round.


A birthday! A birthday!

But my parents forgot that it was yesterday.

I sat in my stroller a frown on my face,

I listened to them argue while I stared into space.

What are they talking about?

A tear soon started to sprout.


Now, I sit miserably in the car,

I cover my ears and look at the star.

I wonder…

But my parents’ voice thunder.

I sigh while the racket is continuing,

Wondered what it would like if my parents stopped arguing.

The End

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