Hurtin' Somethin' FierceMature

There are some things you just can't apologise for.

A quickly rising sun,

An awful shining pierce,

Trying to stand and run,

But I'm hurtin' somethin' fierce.


My feet are stone cold,

My Eyes a bleary mess,

Heart beatin' slow and old,

Truly I'm hurtin' somethin' fierce.


Knowing I can never go home,

Battered by your taunting peers,

Life slippin' from my bones,

I'm still hurtin' somethin' fierce.


I embrace my self imposed exile,

Punishiment deep and merciless,

I never did anything  good while,

Hurtin' somethin' fierce.


Sorry for what I did to you,

All of the pain and the tears,

Killed your courage before it flew,

'Cause I was hurtin' somethin' fierce.

The End

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