I Ask My Lord

Tears form in my eyes
I can't stop them
My heart clenches tight
I can't breath

I'm gasping for air
Drowning in a pool
Of tears falling
From my own eyes

The pain is too unbearable
I'm wincing
I'm screaming
I try to keep my composure

In less than 24 hours I've proven
You are the stronger of us two
If you felt anything like I feel,
Please tell me the secret to survival

So I pray more often than ever
Any little thing threatens to set me off
And when I feel myself tipping
I ask my Lord for safety

Because I have no one left to run too
It is now just He and I
A lonely pair; one bleeding, one untouchable
And I ask my Lord for comfort

I ask my Lord for love
I ask my Lord for company
I ask my Lord for healing
I ask my Lord.

The End

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