it's only been a day,
and I've already written a novel's worth of letters to you,
full of words I can never say.
In the end, it all comes down to
I loved you,
I trusted you,
and you broke my heart.
At times like these, I wonder if it's even worth the pain
of putting myself back together again,
or what remains of our fragmented friendship.
You call me, asking for forgiveness,
and it's all I can do to turn my empty palms up to you.
What more do you want?
You've taken everything.
People tell me to take deep breaths,
and I'll get through,
but I don't want to get over this,
or you.
I wish you knew what this felt like,
but I would never wish this hurt on you.
It makes the fragile fabrics of my life
come unglued.
You were my rock,
and now, I don't know what to hold on to.

The End

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