Something I wrote when I was 13. The song Hurt was used as inspiration, so I added an excerpt at the end.

Blood streaks down her arm,

Like the tears streaming down her face

Deep cuts sting,

Yet offer comfort.

Candlelight dances across silver,

Silver flashes across skin.

It's a vicious cycle,

And this is where it begins.

A painfully tight grip,

Try to stop the bleeding.

It's simply no use,

She cannot even stop the blade.

Shame fills her eyes,

Yet she cannot stop anything.

Grief fills her cries,

Yet nothing will change.

Will anything ever change?

Or will it simply remain the same -

A horrid,




("The needle tears a hole,

The old familiar sting.

Try to kill it all away,

But I remember everything." Hurt by Johnny Cash/Nine Inch Nails.)

The End

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