Please Don't

It came as a surprise,

standing there with my friends.

She seemed nervous,

but why?

A moment later 

I knew.

"I'm not sure..."She began.

I stayed silent.

She paused.

I knew that what was coming

wouldn't be easy.

I waited.

She waited.

She spoke,

I listened.

I accept her

the way she is,

but that doesn't mean

I agree.

I'll stand behind her

no matter what,


What do I say,

when her hugs

become awkward?

I don't want

to lose her.

She's my sister,

my friend,

but feelings

can't be controlled.

Please don't

be mad.

It's not your fault

but neither is it mine.

Please don't

let this

affect us.

Please remember, 

I'll stand behind you

no matter what.

Through thick and thin,

through easy and hard,

through love and hate;

I'm here forever.

The End

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