Staircase- Down

Step one:

She's still her.


Step two: 
She hasn't done

Anything yet.


Step three: 

She has not



Step four:

People do care.


Step five:

She could leave,

but everyone

would notice.


Step six:


are getting



Step seven:

My friends

are with me.


Step eight:

A floatie

has been tossed

to me.


Step nine:

Everyone can help.


Step ten:

I think this time

may work.


Step eleven:

Someone knows

what to say.


Step twelve:

I still worry,

but so do

my friends.


Step thirteen:

It may be hard,

but happiness

will keep me going.


Step fourteen:

She acts

like nothing is wrong.


Step fifteen:

I can see the cracks

in her mask.


Step sixteen:

She seems happy

that she came to me

for help.


I'm at the bottom now

but the journey

is far

from over.


If it weren't 
For the love Of  
My family, 
And my friends, 
I would have 
But I know 
That then they 
Would be in worse  

The End

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