Staircase- Up

Step one: 

A friend is bi.

Step two: 
A friend wanted to hurt 

Step three: 
A friend wants to be 
A slut.

Step four: 
A friend thinks 
No one cares.

Step five: 
A friend is convinced 
She could leave 
And no one would notice.

Step six: 
I am lost  
And confused.

Step seven: 
These uncharted waters 
Scare me.

Step eight: 
I'm drowning.

Step nine:  
No one can help.

Step ten: 
The failed attempts 
Seem to hurt worse.

Step eleven: 
I don't know 
What to say.

Step twelve:  
I worry about her, 
That she'll try something.

Step thirteen: 
I find it hard 
To be happy 
In the midst 
Of all this.

Step fourteen: 
She acts 
Like nothing is wrong.

Step fifteen: 
I can see the cracks 
In her mask.

Step sixteen: 
She regrets 
Coming to me 
For help.

I'm now at the top. 
A deep drop lies 
At my feet. 
Just one more step 
And I'd be gone 
Whisked out of 
The troubles 
And uncertainties 
Of today.

If it weren't 
For the love Of  
My family, 
And my friends, 
I would have 
But I know 
That then they 
Would be in worse  


The End

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