Hunter's Wrath

it's a poem about werewolves and how they are missunderstood and how they value their freedom

Hunter's Wrath

We wait in the dark and shadows,

Waiting for our prey as the summer breeze blows.

The full moon lighting our path,

Beware now, the hunter's wrath.

Glowing eyes of gold,

Thick fur to shelter us from the cold.

Silver bullets make us cower,

But the full moon gives us power.

In the light if the moon we will thrive,

The thrill of the hunt is for what we strive.

We are avid hunter's,

Thriving in spring, fall, summer, and winter.

We are mystic hunter's, awed and feared,

Never will our bloody trails be cleared.

For our freedom is what we desire most,

We are trapped in our human host.

Until the full moon rises,

And the land is awakened to some surprises.

Everybody hide, lock your doors,

While we howl in celebration, our free spirit soars.

by Katelynn Johnson

The End

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