Dull groan of internal complaint as
Neglect’s cries thunder through
The back of consciousness incessantly.
Welcomed ache, sweet misery
Of pain embraced like new shoes 
That too tight pinch and pierce flesh;
Affliction enjoyed like a rough kiss from a 
Stranger with fingers caught in long hair.
Lust to consume is vulgar, to be suppressed -
Fasting is nirvana, with form of a white temple.
Virginal in vacuous state, sacred in its safety from
Profane provisions. The venom of health
Taints beauty, contaminating the elegance
Of hips, collar, cheeks and curved ribs
Veiled by flesh stretched taut across a torso.
Tantalising reminder of the inescapable 
Decay all bodies await at the end of all.
Impatient, cremating whilst breathing and
Drowning organs in poison each nightfall -
Anxiety of appearance and crescendo of 
Pernicious drink in the half-inhabited cavity
Spills out in retches past acerbic-stained
Pearls and into porcelain basin. Salt water
And acid swirl and blood gushes faster
Through wide veins to a shallow heart.

The End

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