Hung Doggie BluesMature

Very distasteful but funny story about the misfortunes of a night of partying- I don't believe this story is finished yet but I like it so far

Give me my coffee

  Cigarettes too

   Provide Energy

    Oh morning brew


For yesterday sucked

  And night so long

   We partied and fucked

    Broke out in song


Woke to a feeling

  Everyone dreads

   Toilet bowl kneeling

    In need of meds


Right eye is droopy

  Drool-crusted lip

   Breath smells all poopy

    Cruel busted hip


Sheets crackle and strain

  From night’s romance

   On the window pain

    Dangle my pants


Whip off the cover

  To my dismay

   Feet of my lover

    Smell of decay


Pedi odor warms

  My private space

   Nausea deforms

    And wrinkles my face


With men’s bikini

  Glued to my hair

   Sip the martini

    Left on lounge chair


Dog trips in the yard

  Frazzled and frisky

   Like a St. Bernard

    Halls his Whiskey


We’re on the front deck

  Neighbors do see

   I do recollect

    I have to pee


The fog slightly wears

  Without a doubt

   Embarrassing stares

    Can do without


Stagger and fumble

  Jump to our feet
   Feeling quite humble
    Many eyes meet

The decorative plants
  We hide behind
   Wobbly stance
    Wreckage of mind

With cameras flashing

  To their delight

   The police crashing

    Our fun-filled night


Behind prison bars

  This railing makes

   Many naked scars

    The camera takes


Talked out of jail

  5-O resign

   Ticket by mail

    With hefty fine


Hung doggie blues

  Kept me in bed

   The worst kind of dues

    Rapture the head


My dear friend, Calgon

  Take me away

   Like a new felon

    Forget this day

The following morn
  On my doormat
   Like a blowing horn
    Heavy and flat

The Sunday Paper
  What do I see
   "The Party Caper"
    Featuring me


The End

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