Every Demon Wants his Pound of Flesh.

All our demons, gather ‘round

The fire, cackling wildly and laughing

The beat of a drum the only sound

Aside from the continual tap tap tapping

Of the night’s creatures in the forest.

Because the earth hold strange things,

As the ghouls start to sing their chorus

Holding nasty monsters and fallen kings.

So stomp your feet and clap your hands,

Shout the words and scream your name,

As the day dawns and the demons melt away to sand,

Leaving you to deal with the creatures of day, and tame

Your inner ghouls yourself. But it’s okay,

Because you know that when night

Comes, you will always say

“Come and dance with me around the firelight.”

And it’s alright, because my demons are continual,

Their hauntings are ritual.

The End

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