My Sister and I, We Read our Rhymes

A poem I wrote when I was in one of my 'writing moods'. I'd love any feedback, thanks!

When I was a young girl,

I read stories of Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall,

And the Dish that ran away with the Spoon.

The Cat cried “Hey diddle-diddle” and the cow jumped over the moon.

Well, my veins are feathers, and my eyes the sun,

So perhaps I could be Mother Goose.

And bring back my sister, who would read my tales,

Of monsters and things fallen loose.

But she is long gone, that hope long gone,

My mother finding new things to fawn over.

And the Dog simply laughs,

Hey diddle-diddle, fiddle-do.

Well, I loved her, and she cried,

So why, so why didn’t I?

My demons creep closer without her to keep them at bay,

And begin to fiddle with my heart, no sister to shoo them away.

They laugh and simply grin at me,

Shark-toothed smiles and well endowed

Dolphins cover my dreams.

So maybe one day I’ll jump over the moon,

Claim its surface for myself.

But for now I snuggle down in the blankets and listen to my sister,

Her even voice keeping my ghouls away for now.

The End

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