Humanity's Tree

February/March 2010

The trees roots are strong beneath the ground

Yet they are all conencted and bound to reach out

to the flow above which attracts them so.

They think they know. They all think they know.

And humanity reaches up like trees with few branch

but some stray away from the sweet jam dripping from above

Because they know it's bitter and only flows down,

when they want and need to branch up,

so I will go a step beyond that.

And society's influence drips above everything else

but it's all from one perspective

where they see from one angle of the top of a mountain's field.

Different perspectives, but the field is the same.

A soul opening away from the thorns before the bloom

The seed was planted far below, which my God had dropped so long ago

in a field all alone.

The body falls away and leaves the core

And now I can see through my eyes and yours

If I had not been dropped alone as a seed

I would have never been able to see

I'd be blind to perspective and the world around me

And I will learn to use music and song

to express what I have seen and what I will see

and it will leak out upon everything.

And I will use the same tools to show you,

so you can see too

And I hope one day we will all understand.

The End

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