Walk Together

We have two arms

We have two legs

We walk together

In different paths


We walk in disguise

In filth and shame

We only mind ourselves

We do as we may


We create inventions

We cure disease

We share our feelings

But we are only proud


We are human

It's as simple as that

We each have a place

And a story on this Earth


We have two eyes

We have two ears

We see and hear

The world around us


The voices and the chatter

But it's all a muffle

We walk together

And don't look back


We're on our way

Are we even living on this Earth

Or in the own world

Inside our heads?


We have one heart

We have one soul

We are each but a portion

Of an entire peice


We are uniquely the same

And samely unique

There will be

No other like us


We fit like a puzzle peice

In the course of life

We are here right now

In the exact place we were meant to


We walk together

To our destinations

Knowing tomorrow

We will do it all again

The End

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