Trying for a collaboration on this one because this is implicitly explictly about me. I never write about myself so directly, but sometimes I'm so frustrated with closed minded people so I write. And since it's collaborative, feel free to write about yourself as well ^o^ We are who we are for a reason ~Be proud of that!

I am who I am

Being that I race

Against the society

That bred me;

Myself against norms

What is it like Being

What I am?

What is it that I am?

[A human (un)like you]

Society views me as the
weaker sex

A minority amongst others

I always am informed (confronted with)

What it’s like to be a “woman”

What it’s like to be Korean African Cherokee

*English-hyphen American

If I were asked

“What is it like to be a human?”

I could honestly say

I don’t know

How to be

Who I am as

A classified thing –but

A Human Being!

The End

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