the damage we've caused to the world

Burning deceitful earth abhorring

The lifestyle of the self adoring

Torn and ripped now the worlds fabric lies

Hidden in the chaos of every cry and scream

That shouts to the ether

Please will someone save me from this darkness?

That threatens to devour the very smile of

The universal common knowledge

Of chaotically, frank and simple love

That turns its deep maw to bend us to

The will of the god that laughs and plans our lives

Like a sick game

Enjoying our pain

They are death

Shatterer of worlds and stars

The creator of dreams that lie unopened in envelopes that

Flutter in the childhood breezes of our minds

On the edge of being opened to harbour hope and ambition

But ignored till every last moment

When in our dying days we see all that we ever failed to achieve

The End

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